2015 Happy wallpaper for Growth
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 23 February 2015 at 11:19 AM

Hello everybody, today I would like to present you the second concepf of happiness: growth. Click the image to download:

Everything changes. All living processes aregoing in two directions, up and down. We are changing with time, having our aims gained and overcoming challenges on the roads we choose. Everything is in dynamics, even if we want to stabilize it, sometimes to freeze. So the most important thing is to keep positive gradient of changes, to keep growth. When you have done an aim it is good to have prepared another, sometimes just to keep moving, sometimes to make transition to the next, higher level which was prepared by everything you have done.

Sometimes circumstances around comes into configuration exceptionally good for new deeds. This is the lucky chance. So you will take it as well as you are prepared. This is the definition of happy growth and growth of happiness: o keep positive dynamics being stable. That wallpaper was made from bamboo colors of green, with bamboo symbols, because bamboo is the most quickly grown plant which is also resistable to weather changes and keep green all of the time.

So that green screen represents a kind of a complimantary team with the first wallpaper in red. Green and red as symbols of prosperity. I wish you the best, download the wallpaper from here pgcat.com/wallpaper/index.shtml

Keep calm and move ahead smile





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