The end of the Lunar Year: creating the Bridge
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 16 February 2015 at 12:53 PM

Helo everybody. Have you ever imagine how important are our calendar events? It make our 75-years long race divided into natural stages we could count and evaluate. It is important to do it t the end of each natural period to keep moving and get new level in aims to the next period. Now I am creating the Bridge from 2014 creation to 2015.

New level of technology. New level of filming. New level of music. And new level with the same desire of creation. I am creating the bond between the core idea which produce everything, from painting to music, which I am making embodinment, nd the different results which represents it. New level of Climate Change project is starting. This is the bond, this is the bridge which`s started.

The story becames different from last year. I can` tell more now, according to the general plan, so the news will be around the project. It is going on. I have a huge plan which need from me more then yesterday. I hae to educate myself in different fields far away from my yesterday tasks. Several programs I have to learn and use is completely scaring by interface. But it was the same with soft I am using to make my films. I overcame it. I will overcame others the same way. Having the bond with the core idea, keeping the bridge between projects and having support of my friends and universe, I will do it.

One more post before the Lunr New Year comes and new period of life will start. I wish you to use that time, 3 days, between your past and your possible future, to create all bonds and bridges which will support you to gain more, to feel wider, to create new aims and get it. I wish you to bridge yourself for tomorrow you shoose.

This is sustainable way.






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