Making Unique: How Science and Art serve society
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 28 May 2015 at 11:05 AM

Hello everybody, my posts was delayed because of too much project work I shoudn`t describe right now, so it needs a right order to tell about. For the beginning let`s talk about a particulat path in life. The pics are from my UK trip to play role of symbolical illusrtations.

You know, everyone prefer to be original, a unique creature. It works from our genetics: every human have a unique combination which mixes with others in future generations. That`s the way nature works, providing us with biological Antifragility.

But this is not enough, isn`t it?

Because nature works in big numbers, statistically, and definitely never care about a single individual. It just allow us to adopt, to change and to survive, proving we are worth to be put in the long run history. So, from our deep biological nature we need to prove ourselves and to realize own unique path, just to keep the natural diversoty. Also we have psychological reason for it. By animal part of human brain we are social creatures (except autistic and deep introverccial people to whom I used to belong). "Social" part of our brain partly animal and partly human. Animal part want to save energy, never make decisions and belongs to the herd. Herd is the most animal character. This is no intelligence, just a biological mechanics to stay with others to feel safe and just to mirror their behaviour. Special mirror neurons which is a neuron that fires both when an animal acts and when the animal observes the same action performed by another. Thus, the neuron "mirrors" the behavior of the other, as though the observer were itself acting. This is science.

Why nature works that way? Because it save energy for brain work. In fact, just several simple parts of human brain works when people are copying.

Of course, copy-pasting with computers is much more clear, while human have just a misty pictures of reality, like the picture above. It is the view from my seat in the airplane from my UK trip, you see, the glass is scratched so not clear picture. Also the aibplane just started to pass the clouds and so no clear picture at all. People who are not trained to check many details can get just several which is c copy from others. his is how human brain works.

In previous times art based on copying process at the beginning to train hand to move and brain to check mor details. Just ask the question from what source they are copying? From nature and from master who didn`t copy and made really unique works. So at the base there are unique ibjects produced by nature or unique experiens of developed  individuals who made own researches represented in new principles of painting, for example.

As you see, copy-pasting in art is completely boring. Some people are born with mirror neurons strongly detect shades and lines, so they became a human-printers making copies. It is much above then normal people does, but still bases on the same mirror efect.

In Science mirroring is prohibited, except the task to prove other`s experiment or to check was it out of mistakes or not. In science like deep high Math or Quantum mechanics I studied in my Physics education mirroring is out of sense. We even was allowed to use our lectures during exam, because system of equations was longer then 2 lines and it needed to be clearly understood in all details by logic and matter of the subject. I am from Science by my birth, standing out of others, unable to copy from unperfect copies of others because all of my senses and brain extensions are screaming and alarming: that copy is bad, don`t follow, stay away.

It made me searching for the fundamental principles and driving forces just from the beginning. While others was mirriring without any ideas, I was in search of variants prove a thesis, of deny it, or creating a field of new decisions. This is my unique way, proved by the whole of my biography and my neuro structure. What I am doing with all of this fortune? I am using it to help others. New ways are opened by single travellers but then are taken by others and that way human evolution works. Every single object you use was once created by someone.

Look to that picture: when my airplan passed the level of clouds the picture became much more clear, despite of all of the scratches on the window.

Why it is so small amount of people who can make that job of creation new paths, open new principals, create new schools and directions? Because it costs a lot of energy. If an airplan stand still safely in her`s garage, it costs zero, and the picture will be definitely clear. That`s what millions are doing standing in crowds, driven by herd instinct. Nature save that huge amount of people to make Antifragility of the whole human race. And try mutability, variability on single individuals in order to create new paths for the majority in future.

That`s why it is so small amount of names in human history. But in fact there are much more people who are real individuals able to drive the world. Sometimes they`d never think about it, for example a good businesssman can think he or she just doing business for profit. But in fact they are outstanding and proved for it making new tryes. That`s why I admire with business, especially founders of new businesses and high professionals. It is really hard job still underestimated. it is really hard to be a founder of hew direction because noone understand a new path as they are. It costs so huge amount of energy to build and raise the airplane of a new business t the high position of Corporate Lifecycle!

Our world is vibrating of changes. Old paths are closing. Nature works without any moral so people are vulnerable for changes not because they are doing something wrong. Just because they are copying old paths and prefer to save energy in order to follow old decisions. That`s why it is so vital to realize the changes and to make changes in people now, just to save lifes and to allow individuals whith naural potential to raise others to the new level. New level makes picture clear. That`s how sustainable development works: it chages Antifragility  from nature`s amoral path for true human Antifragility.

And it costs energy. Tha point is, that energy exists!

That`s why I am stretching my mind and my time to make the both Catamaran projects, while it could be much more easy just to be a single painter.

The one wing of my project, The Left Wing, bases on Science and Arts. It is designed in order to create new path to many others:

1 - for artists to grow their talents and be called,

2 - for businesses to be presented in arts and make a good Art Investments,

3 - to develop common people that way.

The Right Wing of my Catamaran project work is completely different by the first glance, it concerns collective subconsciousness. It server the same purpose, just in vice versa order:

1 - to allow common people to make their influence in simple way and develop them,

2 - to serve busenesses,

3 - then to turn artists.

So, I create a path in both directions: from earth to heaven and from heaven to earth, that`s how we are making our trips.

In the next posts I would like to give information about both wings, something like that: one post about left wing, one about right and one about Art Investment. So you shouldn`t be surprised to read it smile

Thank you for being with me. Stay by my side and win!





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