Antifragility: making Mind Maps
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 04 June 2015 at 01:43 PM

Hello everybody, today I would like to point out the important instrument to every Antifragile project, from business to personal life. At the cutting edge of changes it is dangerously risky and fragile to think in one direction only. Our feelings and instincts don`t help and even work against. So everyone who want to gain own aims should try Mind Mapping.

Today it is a lot of perfect tools for it. Originally I used my mind structure only, with additional pen sketch. Mind maps is the very natural structure for  human mind. The more experienced we are, the better our brain neuro network could make associative links and so keep all of the information in it`s dinamics.

That feature is natural but as others natural potentials needs to be developed. It can`t be structured well just by common life that`s why the more educated a person is, the better his or her mind can make the job.

A systematic mind, especially sharpen by study of Physics and Math as I did, could work much more productive, effective and efficient in short and long run. All natural science are pointed on right categories structure, that`s why we, who grown in science, are able to separate important from not important things, and vital core datas from secondary details or changable flexibilities.

So, this is important to develop that natural mind set for ourselves and to use it in every field of you life you want to be successfull.

From my point, I make a lot of MindMaps for all of my project work. It allows me to speed out different thinking processes and make it in parallel. That`s how human brain work. We are naturally able to keep several processes simultaneously just making a right structure for it.

When I feel my mind structure is really stuck because of tiredness, lack of resources or the calculation process isn`t clear, so need more time, I quickly change my focus to another branch of the particular MindMap, even to another one. That`s why I am not tired in long run projects and can me more effective and efficient to gain my big aims.

It works perfectly for creation too. Every of my Art project have own MindMap which is attached to it, and each painting could be clearly attributed to the particular tast. It makes my Art projects Antifragile and much more effective to serve special tasks, like social movements. I can`t reveal most of my MIndMaps, but this is just a picture of several from the last years activities.

Having a number of well developed MindMap structures I can force myself to gain much more. The only condition for it is to keep differencies between jobs and don`t mix similar tasks together. That`s why I`ve started to learn Chinese Style painting Gongbi, on rice paper, and as you have seen in my previous posts, I am painting cats and funny persons in ancient Chinese clothes. This is not the tasks I am focusing now.

This is just the tool to keep Antifragile mind set and to keep my neuro network healthy during much more  intensive long run  project work. So, you should be sure, I`d never change my qualification from global problems to painting cats, but I definitely use paiting cats to keep my mind strong to make all of the nesessary calculation and planing to my global tasks.

This is the way how Antifragilty in nature works for us.

As a tool for MindMapping I prefer SimpleMind soft for iPad, so just try it anf take the whole advantages. In the next posts I will show you how to make Mind Maps step by step.

Stay with me and win!





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