Antifragile development:  density of Information in work
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 15 June 2015 at 10:10 PM

What we are doing caring about Climate Change and new clean technologies? We are thinking about our future. There is no planet B or plan B. So young people are naturally connected with the subject. Our vital interest is to nourish new Green sustainable culture in safe soft way.

This is the best tool for it. The growing number of specially designed Climate Motivators for Instagram and social network shares is the tool to promote Climate ideas into our society in soft natural way. density of information reflecting in billions eyes of people are placed into subconsciousness collective. People become more careful, with better uses of resources and interest to new technologies just because the density of Climate information in positive way increases. We are smart to make new decisiions when we realize the problem. Look to young people, all of them, from every country want to be more educated, more healthy with more high quality of life. Let`s help that process. Comparing with our nearest 100-years old past we have a rocket movement now, so let`s just correct it.

Let`s increase the density of positive information about Climate Change and new ways to handle it.

The best Climate Motivators are here

Welcome to nourish Antifragile culture for better world!






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