China Adventure: TianTai Buddhist Temple-4
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 18 November 2013 at 06:30 PM

Our memory is strange thing. Once it can be as clear as a good film. Another time it`s like a shadow of past. Then it seems like an index in file catalog marked with day and month. The same is with my memory about TianTai.

It was just 2 months ago but so many things happened so I realized the memory drown. It isn`t good because it save important things so I start to observe the best picture which remind me feelings so fresh. This is one of them. I feel it through the screen so it seems correct to write about in present tense.

This is stone garder as I prefer to call it. This is the place full of green trembling in air. It seems as strange jade colour of light rayes fron the stones. Each side of the stones bleeds with green magic, with the same density as green waters of mountings. Each edge of the stones cut that vibrations into sections so the structure of thet plase is moving and stable in one time. So strange, so bright, so alien, so acquainted. I experienced the same feeling when I saw one Japanese movie "Mononoke hime" by H.Miyadzaki.

This time I need to refresh my mind and feelings. Too many dayes I spent thinking about Stable point in LifeCycle curve and how to improve technigues to the film so my feelings becomes  devocalized. The winter`s coming, no sun for many days and my body tryes to sleep more then work. I don`t like it even if it is natural. So I should to renew my internal media to gain things I love, to develop things I plan, to share things I invented. So I wish to awake.





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