#3-4 2011 Gallery: diptych “Couples”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 March 2011 at 11:48 AM

Well, I`ve realized I made no post since 9 of March because of business, tideness etc. How great it would be to lazy one time! But "drop such dreams and work!" - said my subconsciousness and i have to do so smile.  I would like to present your my 2 next paintings. 

  *big pictures below

 This is a diptich I named "Couples". It represents the modern state of feelings, energetic balance and social realization of  human sexes. As lond as anscient legends exists it represents ideas of partnership, equality and  irreplaceable of each contribution in life itself. A harmony between woman and man is our best expectation, both cultural and bioenergetic. But in the real human history that balance was broken. Although woman energetic deposit (biological, mental, cultural) in human cilization was great the social position was low. But we can`t change natural balance without a payment, so collective unconscious got perverted programs determined behavior of millions people. Today this is the great time to expose such perversions, to help people to understand the losses it made and help to correct it. This is the hard and essential work for a person - and also for mankind itself.
In my paintings I mirror the modern situation of energetic balance between sexes. Female overcomes the old regressive social and psychological programs and gains new confines in everything, but this is the struggle,  intensions and efforts. 

Man try to do the same but historically previous programs brought him social advantages the same way as slavocracy brought the best choice for owner for account of slaves. Everyone knows how hard is it to drop bad habits such as smoking etc. It needs to understand disadvantages of slavery to avoid it is privat life. And of course the best people of both sexes reject the idea of slavery itself.

I deducate that painting for the great movement of modern dayes - the movement to growth personality, to develop and keep the deep balance of life.

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