“A full sleeves of happiness” - my happy day
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 26 September 2010 at 01:26 PM

Yesterday it was my happy day. Chinese calls it "A full sleeves of happiness" and it`s an exellent description of my feelings yesterday and today. My lectures was cancelled and I suddenly had a full day for myself. Wow!!! I called to a shop for painters and was lucky to found a rare things - special brushes ant kit for sketches.

The shop was far from my home so I went to the metro and made a picture in my travel sketch-complect with Derwent Aqua-pencils (you can see it on the picture). I saw several kind old ledies (may be from England or US) from a tourist group; they changed the metro lone the same way I did it and at the fial I present the picture to one of them. It is a special feelind to do such things spontaniously, a kind of meditation. Hopes she likes the picture, anyway it was something I did in metro exactly ht time we met each other. smile

One hour before I gaines the shop and found much more I expected. So I bought everything and bless my credit card  smile

Among amazing tools was the great book of modern aquarel technigues, I love it from the first view. Several aqua-brushes made me feel satisfied and confident in future because I like to have a reserve tools for the case my working tool may be lost of broken. It`s a part of my character, may be I inherited it from total deficiency period (damn it!) of Soviet life. Also I bought 2 big size chinese brushes, I have several ideas how to use it in my graphics. In the shop I found a rare small complect of aquarel with water-brush by Kai Sakura company (Japan). Several times I had seen it on sites or pictures, but the first time it was available, so I bought it emmediately! You can see that kavai small kit  over my travel sketch-complect with Derwent Aqua-pencils on the picture. So nice thing with both sharm and funktionality make me exciting!

And after all it was a small present to myself . After the visit to my mother I was back home and started to paint.  It was another happiness. So you can see how a little things produce a big feelings, and how easy to be happy sometimes! smile

At the end this sky I see from my window! smile

A topic near to my heart thanks, iíve been wondering about this subject for a while.

Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed and informative article.

Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and learning more on this topic.

I hope you can continue this type of hard work to this site in future also..Because this blog is really very informative and it helps me lot.

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