A minute for have my Pause
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 16 May 2013 at 02:37 PM

It seems I overuse my body that month and no i am a little bit ill. Cold, less sleaping etc. Self-treatment wasn`t so helpful as I expected so I visited doctor yesterday. She prescribed me some new antibiotic and now I feel much more good. Anyway I must be ok in a couple days, no time to be ill just a minute to have a pause…

a pause in what? World never stops. River of time never be back. Just that time I see al future projects and what to do so clear, so detailed then barely sacrifase such vision just for sleeping.  Yesterday I created a new MindMap to my next project "How the World Turns", a big one, not only in arts. Because we all live in so strange times, in the time if changes and gustiness, and the world needs new possibilities in thinking, making decisions, providing processes. I made last MindMap in order to put in it knowledge I have and will learn from different fields of my education - from physics to management, from data analysis to arts, from meditation to self development and possibilities to recover from processes made us tired or loss.

Many fields of knowledge exists, many of them are so useful to optimize our everyday life, to actualize our desires and possibilities. YOu know, in a system all energy fixed. This is physical law and also Dr. Adizes postulated it for management. We needs all of our energy and then use it for our external growth. We shouldn`t lost our energy for small annoying things (but have a lot every day!). We don`t have to lost our energy making decisions without strong base helps us.  But useful information keeps too much time to organize.

Sometimes we have all knowledge but can`t use it because everything is in mass into our mind. Like Sherloc Holmes, we need to make right order to useful tools and to use it in right sequence in time.  That`s why I did the Mindmap How the World Turnes. Because now I investigete new area - neuroscience, so need to put everything in order to use it, not to store somewhere like cheap things from a sale. Then to organize it into useful model. I do it in collaboration with another professionals - biologist, chemical science, linguistic science. So I am not alone now with it, but as the started have to think clear about project at all. So… 

Ok, the post started from my health and then changed drastically to my work! My god! This is m diagnosis, not such decease. Could I have treatment to it, something new and effective like antibiotics I have? Who knows. I don`t want to stop. Because… Just try to feel it - a galaxy of knowledge flowers in my mind, many threads simultaneously, so beautiful, so exciting.

What thing could be compared with it? I can`t stop actually because I don`t want.

Thank you for being with me!






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