ActiveBase Painting 2011:  “The ChainPrice”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 07 December 2011 at 03:57 PM

Chains is one of the base things in our life. Chain is the process creates connections between people, it allows to construct more powerful structures both in business and life. The main idea of a chain is to hold link conjuctions strong. But who knows how it proceeds?

What is a chain in our life? Of course neck lace is the most obvious example. But if you see wider you can realize many chains. A book is  the chain of words and ideas.  A technical invention is the result of a chain of experiments and attempts. Evolution is the chain of changes.  Step by step we build the chain  from our past to our future, from the first look to strong and happy relationships. Step by step  our personality growts. We all want to see the next chain-link better then the last. We hope tomorrow will be better then past and this hope helps us to live.

Some people have inclination to think about human past as about lost Golden Age but it`s not true. It was the world of short life, unknowned illnesses and ignorance. Step by step people win back for the better conditions for future generation in every part of our life. Our ancestors formed the links of our human chain, step by step built up our advantages to be more healthy and intelligent. Everyday we do the same. So it turnes me to make a look to the price of chain making. It means how a particular link bears tension, how long it could be and how to insure weak links by own intension.

The essence of a chain is to remain connections between it`s links. If only link is weak - all chain will fall. Everyone know what is it - the boil point when we stand near the fail. When stress comes to supreme point everyone could have a weak thoughts, a one-minute of indulgence, a one-second of sufferance to agressive circumstances. May be once we could feel the weakness of a chain-link before us. And sometimes we can`t hold a hand of a next chain-link, such as our dreams about the best future, our ideals or people more powerful promised to help us. This is the point of real check-up how strong we are deeply inside.

Could we accumulate all of our spiritual power, maintains it with mental control of emotions? Could we don`t allow youselves to fall in desperation? Do we use internal reserves to come hell or high water? Can we remains our own responsability although in that moment others lost it?

The mix of personal courage and patience, fidelity to ideals and strong intension to hold the line - this is the quality of a particular chain-link.

This is the Chain Price.

Fantastic write-up. The visual content shown right here is of really high quality. I’m going to work with this web site much more frequently

Such a deep aswner!

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