An Appropriate Hybridization for our NeuroNetwork
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 05 November 2014 at 12:44 PM

Hello everybody, today is a milestone in film making and I have to say a couple of words about how to manage brain proceses in the most effective and efficient way. We have so mighty thinking tool so we should learn something how it works to extend our common experience into full driving lisense. The basic fact is our neuronetwork normally proceeds several different processes simultaneously.

Just to illustrate how it works in the area of system creation look at the picture above. It represents how to catch important things from a printing matherials to stimulate and support own neuronetwork and keep it healthy for your purposes.

At the picture you can see my current process of relaxation between different stages of creation, one of those is rather new and complicated. At that stage, according to the General plan, I have to create the system of future video channel which will cover several important purposes. The subjects will not be revealed here, just to note: this is a complicated work, it needs to think and plan, rethink and replan, redesign, try, try again, system solutions and long run strategy, all together.

It needs to think before production, and think really good, having in mind several lines of products and also strategic line to develop all of them. It needs to think about diversification at the planing stage, and also to try things to make experiments in order to use our raw matherials and our resourses in better way.

No waste required.

So, it is not a single process even at the papers, there are several processes, includes content planing.

To support it I re-read several books, some of them in 5-6th time, to make some marks.

One of them is "Miyamoto Musashi" by Eiji Yoshikawa . The book is about Japanese strategist, swordsman and painter

Although I did so many notes and pencil marks before, that time I made more bookmarks and designed the system of colors allows me to found information quickly if I need to check something. Then I founded the second book about swordsmen, in different style and nationality of the author, but with the similar general subject. I did my color system of bookmarks the same way and now, finishing all of the books, I will put it together to use it quickly in future.

All I`ve mentioned above represents how to support your neuronetwork and keep it working in informational field.

It needs just the printing (it is better) sourses like boooks which tought you so much so you favorited it and feel good to re-read it several times.

Another case is to support creation. As information analysis could be a double-way process, in and out together, creative work needs some pause between In and Out.

I can`t start my paintings now, although I know what to do, to keep my analysis work clear and powerful. But I can make small creation to keep my soul healthy. For example yesterday I and my friend Natalya Vilyaeva was walking, enjoying the late automs in our park. We made some pictures and some video, here and there.

So I decide to put some feeling of autumn to the ink painting:

Ink painting need to keep clear feelings and to use very small range of tools and colors.

So it represents how our neuronetwork work with images which is coded, decoded, presented, mixed, hide details, change mood and all of this need to be available and well understandable.

If you have your personality so powerful so you can put all of this on paper using just one brush and black ink… This is the example of well managed neuronetwork which keeps us fresh while we are doing our job in so many changes of our world.

Try it. Feel it.

Keep it.

Enjoy it!

Thank you for being with me!





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