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Author: ANNAmain • Date: 09 May 2011 at 01:15 PM

A working place is so intimate for every professional. As you see it you can imagine how a professional work, his\her style of thinking. Also you can guess what character he\she has and many others things. Well, if you could see my home it`s obvious that every place I use for different work. For example one room is deducated for books and oil\acrilic paintings. Why?..

May be because of light or big table, or the reason is atmosphere of a library, or may be this is the most comfortable place for my easel. Also the true is this room I visit more rare then another, it stands away from another places of my home. May be this is the reason I do oils so rare? Who knows! smile


A more detailed artistic painting that will require more colors and more area to be covered I would use Tempera mixed with acrylic medium. A small amount of medium will set the paint making it more permanent.

Hi well im painting one wall red in one of my rooms. it will be a dark red. the room is on the small side and has little natural light. i was thinking of painting the rest of the walls a very light pink.

I will be painting my basement apartment and I would like to get as much painting tips as possible. First, what paint to get, where I could get good quality paint etc.

I’m going to be painting my bedroom lilac and I was wondering if I should paint the ceiling too or leave it white. I know people used to leave the ceiling white, but do they still do that or do they also paint the celing?

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