Antifragility, Project Catamaran: Strategy, Actions and Preparations
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 September 2015 at 11:40 PM

Hello dear friends, today I have to make some remarks about curent work. Some of you could think I stuck with cats only. Not so, really. This is a part of bigger Catamaran Project for Antifragile changes.


(You can see biger pictures below)

Antifragility means everything are connected into a system to support current needs in short run and future big purposes in long run. That`s exectly what I am doing now. 

From one hand, PG Cat`s project`s going on successfully with good feedback. It targeted to allow more people to be involved in Climate actions in Antifragile, safe way sharing positive pictures with cliimate motivators, using climate Wallpapers to express their attention to Climate. You know, that December it will be the biggest event in human history. 70-years anniversary of United Nations with loud speeches and fanfars will be accompanied with much bigger attention to new Climate agreements between leading countries. Some people don`t pay atteition, thinking it`s far away activities. But in fact all of that is setting our lifes for the next 25 years, may be even more. We are choosing the next generation`s life. That`s why it needs to cover all of the nesessities to make climate messages more popular and increase density of positive climate information. All Climate motivators and wallpapers with PG Cat was carefully created for that purpose, in order to be shared by social network and personal information exchange. it works as it was planed. The only condition is to set each post with Climate pictures longer to allow partner sited to keep in in their front page to let visitors to see it.

If you want to be involved in climate actions in big scale and make you impact, it is no nesessary to go to meetings fith loud protest. But it is important to create informational flow around to make more people informed and somehow involved.That`s important because as well as we have all of the technologies to harness climate changes, we need to nudge end customers at least to think about green energy as a normal positive choice for their everyday needs. Inertia is our worst enemy. So, sharing just simple pictures, we step by step make people more familiar with the subject and more acceptable to the idea of solar energy. That`s how Antifragile changes works, scientifically proved on big numbers.

This is the one wing of my Catamaran project.

From the other hand, the second wing of Catamaran is unvisible now, shadowed by the nesessity of climate activity. It contains my work with new Art direction. As I said, the fundamental philosophy is ready. Actually I made it several years ago. Speaking about business it is our modern need to create new direction in Arts to allow business, science and Art work together, creating new cultural field and new investment climate which will benefit each country. That`s why I am working with huge amount of video matherials, doing new paintings for future exhibitions, speaking with people.

Negotiation and creation is not an easy thing to do. World are shaking. Circumstances are changing. When I am doing constructive base for the long run, it needs to serve today purposes too. So I have to make too many choices about priorities. What`s should be on the front and what`s on the back. Circumstances are changing all of the time, that`s I put into my work strategy. So I am doing all things the way I can change priority of each task to gain more, according to upcoming independant events, and keep all of the lines of project work supporting each others. To gain it I have to manage my own brain neuro-network in fine way. To think about each part of different project so clear so it will be calculated by my subconsciousness while I have to pay attention to the current events.

For example, that week was full of events, meetings and discussions, and while I was proceeding that tasks, my calculations about other parts of the project was proceeding also. It needs a lot of energy, you know.  That year I have got strong acclimatization here, literary was ill for more then a week. Thatks god, it didn`t stop me from the work, just make my life uncomfortable with temperature and head ache. No matter, I hope it will come down soon.

I would like to assure you, the important work i going on with results. Some of the results could be a sensation. I told you, I had found something very strange in the sea, far away from the seashore. Strange thing was melted inside a huge stone, one from many I used for my project work. I made all video and photo, although it was close to storm weather. When I prepare the part of the project around that strange thing I will download the video matherials. It could cause much more actions then we are expecting, so it needs the very right time to be shown. I am working on it. Hopes you believe, all things I am doing now are serious, with carefully designed approach, with targets in short and long run. I can`t explain more because some things shouldn`t be revealed early, but if you stay with me, you will see everything first.

If you want to know all news, visit my Facebook personal page  . I put all articles and current Instagram pictures on it to keep that blog connected with PG Cat`s Climate pictures without interruption. That strategy to contribute Climate actions works well so let it be for that important period.

Stay with me, and win in Antifragile way.





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