Beauty of Shadows, Colours and Shapes
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 11 January 2013 at 04:00 PM

Beauty hides under the veils of simple everyday life. Colours and shapes shows itself but this is the art to see it, to breath, to undestand, to express… A place people just use to have a rest could be points of wonders.

My last summer I first time realized the deep red, magenta and brown colous of the tree near my morning table in Cricketer taverna, Liapades beach hotel, Corfu. I was really surprized with it but also shocked why I didn`t realize it before.It seemed impossible.

I spent several hours investigating and painting the tree, and saw how it ordinary brown skin dropped and opened the rich colous inside. It was normal brown before that season and became wonderful only that 2012 summer… And the changes flashed the extra brightness of shapes of the two trees.

Hidden things became visible, small changes became into great symphomy of shadows, shapes, sunlights, conquering space up and up…

The same experience was at the the bottom of the trees. Lilac, magenta and red coloures made visible the efforts of the tree to overcome stones. It was exciting.

Of course I painted it. Started from left hand sketch to right I tasted the beauty moment by moment.

Originally I started with colours but wasn`t able to stop and then made ink painting desiring to feel all angles and stretch of branches and how it dance in open space up and up.

After I scetched it I felt myself easy so started to make several details.

Actually  forced myself to continue while my soul wanted to dance with sunlights far away from the place. This is the dilemma of artists: while our bodies make art process, soul is far away and we could feel a little bit confused with it.

...When I finished it I was so full of sences…

... so I had to run to the sea and spend several hours in it to collect parts of myself.

Several hous inside blue and green lights, liquid lights and sounds, inside perfection of that reality.





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