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Author: ANNAmain • Date: 13 November 2013 at 11:19 AM

Hello everybody, I was near to paint the Stable point of the LifeCycle curve but stuck with a model. Many people acustom to take Stable for granted. Not so many understand how treasure is it. 

I found no right model among companies but suddenly realize the best model near me.

Code (PAeI) is Mother
Just have a glance how Goddess-Mother represents in many religions. Sometimes it is a basic archetype, sometimes a part of religion`s legend (Maria in Christianity, Mother Yashoda in Krisha religion, many others and the base are the same PAeI



Mother is the sourse, mother keeps kids in her heart and mind whole life whatever it can be, in any ages. Mother provides care which seems as natural as an air so seems not so important sometimes…
This pampkin my mom growth to me and gave me several days ago. 
It was the insight.



investigated what people think about Stable point of an organization. Also I investigated students with their opinions about Resonant manager in cours Emotional Intelligence I take now at
All answers have the same features. It describes what mothers do.
So… it seems people enharited from mothers much more then they usually think. That`s why quiet, unlimited, sincere, modest everyday work of mothers payes less attention then father`s goals which could be financially counted.
I have a look to my mom. In hard soviet times we have nothing and my grandma provides us with additional food. My mom learnt to do everything for us, even clothes she designed, scarfs, hats, socks… everything. Her meals was so testy although we have no good products.

My mom gains all professional honour too.
She is double PhD, started from Mathematics hight education,  and with the president`s medal of destinguished professor at the end of her carrer.
Today, being on pension she still work with students and they love her. She takes care of everyone from the family sometimes forgetting herself. Extremely hard worker, exellent woman, beautiful and still young for me.
This is my mom.
Through all obstacles, with zero matherial base she raise me and my brother, being a column of our family, doctor for our illnesses.
She turned me from physics to Management so my PhD I dedicate to her.
Even if she demanded me to be a violin player which was a hard thing from my 5, she just wanted to actualize my potential that way. She founded an exellent violin for me in back country so I was able to provide pure sounds from honourable instrument. May be it will be more when I start to compose music. Definitely it is from her. It was pure (PA) so painful to my (E) and so important to make the balance.

My mom designed and sewed beautiful clothes for herself and me.  She made embroidery too. Although I learned chinese style embroidery by myself I am sure the base was from her (PAeI).

So I designed clothes too. Without my mom that idea never comes to me.

Also my mom is an author of several management class-book which was officially recomended by Ministry of education. Once I was a co-author to bring a little (E) to official management. Also I am an author of several books. This is not just I am good in different style of writing.
This is because I inherited (PAeI) from my mom.

...and books about crafts too.
How could I do it without havins a live example before my eyes all my childhood? My mom working with concentration for many hours.
All I have in that field flowers from her roots.

This is my private story.
It could seems as something unimportant to the task to complete the seria. But I strongly believe in self development. I want to growth with my project to turn people to feel it and growth too. This is important more then a particular painting. Because the private story of each art object is the part of Art object itself.

So the message is clear.
The energy we are able to found in ourselves, to respect and worship supports us in our life.
People need to feel how our relationship with Stable points of life should be protected with deep knowledge and gratitude. Mothers,  organizations in Stable, even our planet seems to have the same PAeI code so…  it is the way to feel our roots which is frequently unvisible being inside our hearts.
My work is worth to do to have such insight. I want my mom to see my success because she belives in me and put in me so much.
This is my contribution to PAeI as an energy of life.
Thank you for being with me.





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