Body`s Best Time
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 03 May 2010 at 06:16 PM

Scientists and adepts of yoga tell us about biorhithmics and cycles of sleeping and wake. I`ve read a huge amount of researchs and several time several times have been trying to live as healthy as I read. It was pleasant life but… absolutely against my nature.  First of all the best of my rest is 8:00 PM.

The right life means to stand up at 7 AM, have a good breakfest, after work have a walk and then go to sleep before 11-12 PM. I would like to have a short sleeping at 11 AM and 8 PM, no breakfest and work to all night. I would like to meet sunrises and then do yoga…  Even to do yoga before sunrise as recommended by specialists! But normally my nature rebells against any sport at 10-11 AM. They say the morning is the most active time for our bodies. They say an active morning is the best time to do a brain work, to meet people etc. But I would like unhurried hours to drink green tea with honey and nuts before 11 AM slipping. No bustling and no meetings. No sport or phone calls. It is my slow time for invite myself into a new day. Somethins as you slowly go in cool water of ocean.

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