Climat Change project: I am going to Corfu
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 14 July 2014 at 10:32 AM

Hello everybody, I`ve prepared the first part of the project about technology progress and visited UK for it. The second part is about Ocean and I am going to the best place in the world for it. I will be working for a month at Corfu so it needs much more preparation. Everything is in chaos!

Would you like to see the most chaotic working place in the world?

Definitely, I don`t but I have it now!

Last year I was trying to get some control under my talent to create chaos on the work place so I demonted one section of my table in hope to make the space less. It doesn`t work. The practice shown, I can produce much more using less surface.

Normally it`s ok, because everything is functional and the more important thing is don`t allow things to droop. Today, making preparations for 1 month trip, I am burdened with the great task to decide what`s the less important. Not an easy trick!

Definitely all of that pens-pencils-brushes,stickers-things isn`t so vital. It seems, I can bring one portable hard drive, or may be two, but 4 anothers isn`t so nesessity.

Alboms for illustrations, tablet, organizer, laptop, portable hard drives…

Small camera, big camera, portable movie camera… stands for all of it…

...microSD memory cards (since my last China trip I prefer to take it from home so never depend from local supplier).

I was trying to put my special ink into small bottles when founded it is not so much ink, actually.

So this is the most squizzed and dried ink tube in the world.

I would like to say this is my kung fu skills to do it.

But the true is, this is my kung fu skills plus pliers.

Several drops of treasured ink occasionally placed on the table.

I hope I will not put here my fingers of hard drives…

...of course, I put here the pliers!..

Gosh! Very black!

And some drops on my white keyboard!...

In such situation it is better to becalm myself and meditate on some pleasant subject, such as rose flowers I pictured last saturday:

Just feel how slowly a flower going to blossom. This is the same hard learning subject as slow cooking, as my friend Tony Toledo told me.

Be calm, Anna, before you create much more chaos as you really need.

Remember Saturday water flow.

Remember light walking with friends and soft feeling of creation around.

Then go to buy more colors for painting and finish with the laggage in sustainable way.

I will go to Corfu and touch the essence of my soul, the green sea and rocks, so soon.

Let`s do it!





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