?Climate Chenge 2014: Developing logical line
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 02 September 2014 at 02:35 AM

Hello everybody, my work day isn`t formally closed until I finish that post, so I congratulate you and myself with the first of September, the beginning of the New study year 2014-2015. So many years I was a student, so many teached in different way so the new year in education becomes a tradition.


For today I decided to reinforce my attempts and to do several basic works one by one. It is not something new, a normal kind of work, but the concentration of datas and filming make everything complicated.

Nevertheless the day was succesful, as I`ve realized right now, gathering myself from 4 painting and a lot of cameras and other tools lay everywhere.

As you know, the sequence of chapters in a book is not the real sequence a writer wrote. The same is for art serias includes mine. I started with te biggest painting "Rising Carbon Empire" because it was the most challenging thing in the whole seria both by it`s size and the idea. Then I did that, that and that. Today I invested my time to fulfill several gaps in logical chain. So here it is the first painting in the line.

The first should seems more positive and light, the size is 60x80 cm so it`s ok. However I`ve made a kind of personal record balancing with both hands busy with GoPro camera and a brush full of yellow color. Several times I remember with gratitude my old WingChun Kung Fu training because I was standing with all of my stuff on my tiptoes with busy hands among liquid and semi-liquid colors everywhere around, trying to paint fine lines without mistakes. I was filming it all of the time. In addition I did photos to both additional cameras, filming on one additional steady camera and made pictures for Instagram by my iPhone.

After all of this I can`t understand how I managed the whole program for the day and noone of my liquids was spilt as it happened before.

I guess, this is something new. I increase my skills having deep feear to drop one of the cameras to the wet canvas.

So our challenges help to improve skills.

My friend asked me today if I have  far-sightedness and I confirmed that fact. The reason for the question was too small size for my blog posts. So this is a little bit bigger.

Ok, I did all for today and should go to sleep until I drop my head to the keyboard.

Have a nice night and nice morning while I hope to have a nice 8 hours of sleeping in case nobody call me tomorrow morning to ask how are you and so on.






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