ClimateChange 2014: personalities
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 10 September 2014 at 02:29 AM

According to

20 women making waves in the climate change debate

They wrote: "...So here’s a list of twenty women making waves in the climate change debate, offered in alphabetical order, and without any men to get in the way. We hope it shows off some of the quiet – and not so quiet – power women do have on this issue, and the diversity of the debate. Gender aside, this list reflects other diversities of the climate debate, with expertise in financial systems, workers’ rights, science, politics,  development, media, diplomacy and more.

It’s only a start though. Who would you add? And who would you like to hear more from?"

So you can see, the problem is not from political field  only. You can see repressentatives from natural and economic science, culture and others fields. From the same source

"Founded in 1931, the International Council for Science  (ICSU) is a non-governmental organization representing a global membership that includes both national scientific bodies (121 National Members representing 141 countries) and International Scientific Unions (30 Members).

Road to Paris is where science, policy and economics meet on our way to the
2015 climate conference in Paris."

Climate Change becomes the caldrone to melt many specialists from different fields from different countries, education and point of view into common activity. I note it just to myself, to pay attention how things are going on, what changes more, and how.

Making notes for the future MDG—->SDG 2015 project, I would like to create a smooth line of visual narrative from Climate Change to the next. Empower women is one of the priorities for MDG. So, the list of 20 women making waves in the climate change debate will be important.






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