Conquer enthropy, maintain things you love
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 June 2013 at 11:57 AM

Through changes the enthropy rules. So we need to fix and maintain things we love in order to keep it healthy and fresh.

Does it concern everything? Not everything. Pure matherial things like our bodies, gardens, cars, pets are more vulnerable for changing. Enthropy growth every breath, things from outside make influence over it. Sometimes the influence is generally good and works for health, such as sunlight make a garden growth. But all systems has sub-systems normally in different stages of life, every living system has errors in reproduction and also has wastes.

The job to fix errors and help a system works in healthy way includes feeding in right time and evacuating waster in right time too and also maintin the processes between such two points of the beginning and the end… It`s really the Job. Sometimes we are lazy to do it. As I am typically lazy to made my work place tidy, even if I like it tidy.

Our time is limited. Energy limited too. So we all making decisions how to use it right way and also how to cut expences. Sometimes we made decisions right opposit, so waste the energy to temporary things and don`t make nesessity maintaining.  So that`s a priority scale.

The question is what`s worth to fix it and what`s not. And what is the core which never change but still fresh.

So the more matherial things involve in a process the more work we should do to keep it functional?
It seems ideas concerns the flow of matherial things will be changed too. But ideas concerns internal spiritual laws isn`t change, because it touches the base of everything. Gravity, physical laws, lifecycle. If it change we can`t be a witness of such desaster.
The same way we should maintain our friendship, partnership, every relationship we feel important while the core idea of it is still fresh and could support matherial changes.

We could maintain it sending just good feedback, or our hello without a reason, something nice and unusual - or nice and usual, it doesn`t matter what. The base is the same - we need to do something to keep treasures alive.

It turns us to idea what changes is changeble and what isn`t. Sometimes the core idea still live but we changed so that can`t keep in touch with it.

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