Consecrating to the Art
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 29 October 2011 at 07:01 PM

Ancient Greecs created the myth about Apollo- the god of Art and 9 muses inspired 9 main arts. This is the great idea to put together several kinds of art and claimed it as the branches of Art in general meaning. It was great to read about it in Ancient Greecs Gods, Heroes and Myths I had read in my childhood, actually my father`s book. Phylosophy is the Art. MAthematics is the Art. Poetry and prose, dancing and music, science and rhetoric are Arts. People gained professional level in one branch feel it likeness with another… I spoke with many professionals about it.

All of it are the real brunches of something more, in Art -Global-Source, Uni-formula of creation. I feel it. I breath it. I touch it. This is why I can do so many things, from writing to painting, from science to meditation. The Source is the One so I`d never learned it separately, but feel it as special cases of one formula, flamed in veils of high energy, lighting in clouds.

So I have to be connected with the Art all time. Sometimes I have to concentrate to one brunch and temporary digress my attention from anothers but only for a shot time. For example that week I was busy with my management students, really brilliant from 1 course, prepared them to the exam and trained them, so I haven`t finished my new AB-Twins yet. But today I`ve finished the base level of painting, tomorrow it will be the second and hopes I`ll finish both next week.

From daily thoughts: I want to buy 9 inch e-book instead of mine comfortable pocket size 5 inch. Now I read several booksfrom neuropsychology and theory of categoris, it`s a bit complicated and sometimes I have to go back and reread previous texts and think about it so bigger screen will be helpful. I`ll buy it tomorrow. Occasionally found Aristothel`s "Poetica" and realized I didn`t read it, so ashame, he and 2 others Ancient Greecs was the ancestors of European mentality. I plan to refresh my memory about all of them in case to fullfill the gapes Western culture have with more full approach of Eastern philosophy. Life has no real contradictions, life is many-things-in-one-time and energy hiding in it.

...OK, my colours becames dry so I have to paint.

thank you for your post, as a regular reader I have found your blog very informative, keep up the good work.

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