CyberWar: Creating Simple-in-Multiplex
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 13 April 2013 at 01:33 AM

The main point of such big project (40 art objects for 2 excibitions) is to make correct mixture of simplisity and multiplexity.  As the message is clear I need to use all possibilities of humand mind to create full picture of the problem and make educational effect during people observe the exibition emotionally.

Knowledge how human brain works helps me to create the true line of paintings, from simple static look to complicated dynamics to make the cultural-educational process growth natural way. Although the CyberWar Art Project will be shown at all later, when I finish everything, I can make you a chance to glance how it growth and what principals covers every details.

From my first physics education I learned how neuronetwork works (it was about 6 equalization described it, but for sure I can`t use it now), so the basic principals will be covered by that project step by step. Also I pay my attention to all details allowed an observer to make each painting work for his or her favour turning mind to think with full support of emotional intelligence. So this is on of my target in thet project - to educate, to protect and to make the massage useful for people, covering one of the most important problems of novadayes.

That time I have to stop typing because it`s deep night and I am still working with my last painting, polishing it, dreaming about good healthy dreams after it!






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