CyberWar: Human feelings blows
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 15 April 2013 at 11:57 AM

Although any war have an economy, political or another purposes, it has a projection to human beings. What a war changes? How it influences not only people involved, but a whole generations? Human feelings is the arena to show what`s the result.

The nature of human subconsciousness is so fine then many scientists spend a lot of time trying to investigate how it works. Is is many possibilities to share energy in human society, amongs human beings, and human feelings spreads much more wider then we custom to think. For that we have a kind of strange radio just in our heads. Our neuronetwork formes a message and then by subthreshold stimulus could transmitt our feelings to all persons around. And the process doesn`t stop at that stage. Being accepted by subconsciousness of others, such subthreshold stimulus could be transmitted around second time, and more, and more… Like a underground nuclear shot produces oscillations, the same way human feelings produces waves of current mood as an information. Changes causes and accepts.

This is a part of real war and a part of Cyber War too. Because sitting near own monitors we are typically relaxable, watching texts and pictures, listening music we open our subconsciousness much more because it`s a kind of real trance. Our brain works in such mood having close, intimate connection with all of our internal programs. So if a damage of Cyber War happens it touches us deeply inside. But it`s not so bad. If a damage exists, a cure exists too, the same way. Online therapy could goes the same way. We all was created with both possibilities - to be injured and to be cured by such possibilities of our subconsciousness. So how we could use it? How to decrease post effects and feel more secure? What a safety means in our century of informationak wars, in CyberWars?





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