CyberWar Project: Anna makes Strategy and gains the Great Start!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 04 April 2013 at 12:29 PM

 I am on my mission now.  I deducate all my strength and passion, all of my resourses, experience, skills and all my soul to that.

Be a witness how it goes on!

The first thing to win is to realize the case and to make strategy, and I gain it.

I`ve made searching and planing well. Now I extend the project from 24 paintings for one exibition to 40 Art objects in my unique style for 2 exibitions in US and UK. Because the subjects is naturally consists from 2 parts it is good to diversify it. So the process started.

What`s a strategy? Some kind of artist works to indulge own ego doing something noone understand what is it, and for what it exists. It seems smart that way.

Hahaha! No needs to seem smart just doing crap!

I won my  Math competitions in my 16. I was at special medical courses reseaching human anatomy in my 17, when all girls and boys dreamed just about a data.

I practiced Martial Arts for 10 years and study Physics at 19. Then at my 23 I was called for business to be a soldier to my family. CEO at 25. And PhD at my 26.

So I know one thing: it is ESSENTIAL to educate people right way. The Right way is simple and clear. And it is effective and efficient in the short and long run.

Right way is understandable way.

So I concentrate all of my possibilities to make piece of Art which will be a true message of the subject, brings people understanding the process and produces a kind of helpful memory, use possibilities of Emotional Intelligence. This is the new way to make hight education and to transmit information - Visual Thinking.

The way our brain naturally uses, successful in business problem resolving, and I practice it more then 15 years in all of my works.

It starts from the empty canvas. Everything is empty and clear and ready to carry the message.


...And then it was indicated!

I create pieces of Art in unique technigue in order to make knowledge for people, make understanding and so help people to be confident at this world of technology. To keep their Humanity and to be well protected, both in one.

Dear friends!

Have you ever think about how starts the treasures of Human history people pays to have just a glance in museums?

It starts like this.

Just one drawing of a painter becomes a voluable thing for collections in future. And in our informational century such future just in several steps from us, because every process comes faster.

During the project I will publish all news and so you could be the witness how the history starts.

I need your support all the time when I put all of my power to that social process, creating that part of HUman history, serving Human Society with all of my soul.

Be my friends on Facebook. Indicate who you are so I could see you and feel your support, know your opinion and found more strength if I would be tired, because the creation process is hard, and the subject is great just for one person.

See you, hopes to know who you are, my friends!






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