Day before New Work Year
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 30 August 2013 at 10:51 AM

Being a lecturer in several institutes for a long time I am used to to measure an year as a two semesters (September-December and January-June) with 2-month gap between. So today I remember about my Corfu "gap" before the New Institute Year starts.

Memory is not simple thing. Billions connections between neurons forms neuronetwork unique to each person. So things deeply toughtful for one could be indifferent to another person because of different associations involved. Artists have a secret tool to play with neuronetworks, own and even observer`s. Just ttry to make an image… appropriate invironment…

Let the image represents something people could compare with own experience…

And let it be.

Hre is my Office Rock, the best place in the world. I am far away from it now and the New semester`s coming, also the winter becames closer with white dead water called snow. It will be sooner as I want it so I have to keep my memory touching green waters by images:

Even jump in cool green emerald!

And see how green waters move, moves, moves.





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