Diversity of Happiness: in modern format
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 06 February 2015 at 07:05 PM

Hello everybody, today this is the story about diversity. Diversity is the base of progress. We are different. Our feelings of happiness may be different too. I would like to anounce you the second video for Lunar New year, completely different in many fields but with the same massage: happiness, growth, wellness, wealth and joy of life:

The video was made in two languages, the ame way as previous, the classical one. So you will have Chinese version to congratulate your Chinese speaking friends and in English for every person who know it. So here it is several screens from both versions:

Translation from Chinese into English was a little bit challenging, despite the text was simple, because Chinese texts are much shorter in length. It was important for the design because of complicated layers and trajectories. The result shows success! Wow!

In that video you can see a new hero.

Humor is one of the important human features. We can overcome more in better way if we can see to our chellenges through prism of humor. The same way we need to be positive to gain our energy. So, let me to introducw you the New Hero:

With the same meaning of cultural symbols concern health, wealth, good fortune:

You can touch the very modern spyrit of joy, feel young energy and fun, something very fresh:

Fast movement and humor, let`s go, let`s go! smile

This is the essense of the diversity of happiness. No contrariries between both of them, although it looks different. If you read United Nation`s world happiness report you can found so many definitions of happines, from all over the globe, which flows into one direction for everyone.

Next post it will be some more! smile





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