Divine Adviser power: Queen of Swords (Tarot)
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 18 February 2013 at 12:26 PM

Deep archetypes bases Tarot system is worth to be learnt and understand how to apply it to our life situations. That time I`ll present you the Queen of Swords en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_of_Swords  .

Queen of Swords is your adviser in situations needs analisys and to divide write and wrong just to make new decision clear. Who is the adviser and who is the recipient? What qualities they have and how the process comes? The first figure here is the Person who could be an adept, an representative of the power or advisory. The first quality of such representative is to keep calm whatever happens around.

There are thousand ways how to keep calm and here I show the meditation style. Breath and diafragma control, keeping hands in mudra, fingers together just to prevent youself from active moving could deform the situation or turn people involved in wrong way. Long dress of the Advisor remaind her stability and even transmitt it to her surrounding.

Queen of Swords has the freedom of her thought and her active intellect, thet`s why she is such a fairy flyes above the head of the Person represents the power.

She is familiar with sorrow because people wants an advise typically in hard situations, sometimes beinb the reason of it. So Queen of Sword may understand this way being with a kind of sad but don`t allow sadness to rule, so this is important to keep calm with cold head and understand another`s feelings the same time. Everything in one.

Of course representative have to know symbols and attributes of the Power he/she represents. She also have her sword  before her, perhaps as a warning, a self-protection or a test for another.




your art is beatifull and uniques never last remind before i have found this web which explained about tarot.thanks

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