Five persons and Sunday
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 13 April 2010 at 11:26 AM

That Sunday, yesterday, my dear friends came to me and I thought it would be not bad idea to teach them how to dye fabrics. They brought several t-shirts to sacrificed it to such experiment.

Girls seemed like heroes because it was the first time they did it. With all courage we bathed the t-shirt in colors with 4 hands. I joked, t-shirt seemed to be fainted therefore not to hinder us.

We worked hard and won!

One of t-shirts was in grass green color; our fingers and nails too.

From my previous experiences all my clothes was sluiced by colors. Therefore I choose for myself an ugly orange+green+black-something blouse and I planed to drop it at the rest of the day. But girls acted carefully and no one drop of color touched my blouse (it means the blouse still with me).

This t-shirt was colored into sky-blue. Irina did it with great success.

Then it was the time to dye something pink… strong pink, I dare say.

 After dyeing we had some tea with cakes and dried t-shirts. Not bad! My back had a hard work  with every dyeing t-shit and control the process. Then we started to make fine work with brushes.

Irina chose to make it by free hand painting.

Neta did it with text.

More, more gold grass!

I had to help gils with brushes etc, and was a witness how the picture growth… it was the fish!

We all worked hard!

It was the picture of Snake with flower instead it’s head.

At the rest of the day I taught friends how to make a special dyeing with drops.

This is the real heroes! They did really great job! smile))





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