Full picture vs “The Fool Day”
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 01 April 2014 at 11:59 AM

Today is 1 of April and I really afraid of that day. Sometimes I want to lock my door and don`t allow any information bother me, but suddenly I realise an interesting thing: the lie works if a picture shows just a part of something, or if people don`t compare different parts with each others. For example I`ve just received one 1-April joke:

How to determine is it real or not?

That picture is wide so you can see how several details don`t fit each others: the front foots are much more heavy and mighty in compare with  the back foots and that one thing proovs the picture is Photoshoped. Real animal can`t be so poor designed and never growth to an adult being so rickety.

Let`s try to reveal how a false picture could work. 

A piece of a picture turns neuronetwork to make an automatic process, a mechanical work in order to make picture more complete in a particular life context.

That process works normally as a part of everyday human life, to put prepared information in deep subconsciousness and to integrate it with other information in it.

People who made "jokes" (unfortunately not so funny and innocence), construct a piece of information with sharp datas, soliciting emotions of an audience. A hint here, a description there, then unexpectable information in strange manner.

So the process to make people involved by emotions, opinions, try to reveal is it true or not, try to compare the new information with previous expectations and knowledge, also expectations to know something secret today… everything turns neuronetwork to work in the context.

The more focus people have to new piece of information, the more they becomes involved.


Because it is not so easy for many people to be focused on something. Focus depends on many reasons with less personal control so it becomes easily manipulated.

"The fool day" is just an allistration how it comes in normal life.

When somebody want to manipulate by lie, he or she make a kind of emotional tension and show just a part of a picture with just several details to attract one single glance.

So the process will starts mechanically and people became involved besides of own will.

Manipulations in many kinds focuses on that method. People easily make "forced choice", sometimes just for fun, then vote just for fun, then the real neuronetwork starts to work, so we have the exectly life we have.

I don`t like the way how it comes.

So I prefer to check such special constructed tesion and to keep the wide picture strong to avoid artificially prepared forced choices.


To sum up, observing the wider picture and how details fits each others you can understand is it right or false.

Now you can wonder why I am posting the analysis with such a pictures.

Actually I forgot today is 1 of April and made post how I have started with my media keyboard.  Then I received the picture with half-tiger and realized, I should pay some attention about the "Fool Day" otherwise everything will be taken as a joke.

So, hello 1st of April, I made my contribution, and let normal life goes on.






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