Happy Birthday, Anna! :)
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 08 January 2013 at 12:49 AM

2012 year has finished and now I stay near the finishing of my personal year. My birthday usually based on observation of the results of the last year. Here it is with some personal pictures below for those friends who will read  the post at all.

That year I finished 19 pictures, all in big size, and 2 is still unfinished. Hopes it will be in nearest future. Also I desided to finish my academic career and focuse on arts and education pocess based on arts as representation.

That year I graduated about 50 students and teached about 30; thats enough for everyone so I satisfied with the result. That semester I  lead Management`club and read about Dr. Adizes methodology en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ichak_Adizes (his blog www.adizes.com/blog/  and www.ichakadizes.com/blog/ .) The funny thing is I made my lectures with pieces of Adizes system and just after I`d finished it one of my students met Dr. Adizes here, in Moscow. She told him that we learned about his metodology in Institute and he was pleased with it so she did picture with him. Oh! How narow that Earth is! So I hope to meet Dr.Adizes one day too smile .

Several changes starts in my professional life, for example I`ll be the author for Science TV. Hopes it will develope.

Also I gained pogress in my social activity and meet several new friends (especially by Skype). I visited China and Greece and will be happy to do it next time.

My home was redesigned and I like it new with trees and lights and shadows; especially with new organization for everything, from meditation place to work cabinet.  Now this is the place of power without a compromise and I am glad to invite my friends here.

Also I made technical renovation with new iPhone, iPad and several another gadgets to make my work more effective. A funny new possibility is to make photos of myself by reverse camera, as I don`t like photographers it was exciting so now I made several pictures of myself being free from others attention:

For the first time I guess it`s enough to my reputation so I should finish with it and publish the post and then go to sleep dreaming about my projects I want to be realized in 2013!

Thank you for your attention!







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