Hello from Corfu and from my Office-rock!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 19 July 2013 at 12:33 AM

Hello everybody, eventually I gained Corfu and frrl like at paradise. Las day I even didn`t touch my laptop! Today it`s the Greek`s night so loud music everywhere and I spend my time to post something here.

Yesterday I was out and wanted to sleep only. Today it`s much more better, because everything here (except loud music) is so nice so I feel relaxation and peace. The weather is warm as usual, +29 C at the daytime, but water a little bit cold because of winds. Cold and very tansparent so today morning I decided to brought my things and swam to my favourite rock.

It`s about 500 m from the seashore, not far away to feel uncomfortable but far enough so nobody bother me.

The reason to found a quiet place is to try something new. Yesterday night I was found myself with a new poject which I call "Holland Project" so I wanted to describe several details using new environment. I brought a notebook A4 format, 2 albums fo drawing, watercolours and aquabrushes, one big paper to poject work, also pleer and camera. And a piece of saree to save myself from the sun.

The point is the "waterpoof" bag actully isn`t waterproof so my notebook and paper was wet with solt water. I tryed to dry it.

Then I cought myself with the pleasure to see my notebook solt by the sea so I drop it in the hole of the rock for a week to make it more experienced in natural water element. Also I dropped here everything nesessary to everyday on the rock - saree, sunblock oil, an ugly hat.

So not my favourite rock becomes my Office rock. I will be here not only for sleeping and jumping into the sea but also for poject work. At least no loud music here smile

Such a nice place, isn`t it?

??! .. ? ???? ???? ?? ???????? ???? ?????  tongue wink .

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