How to be sure the Projects Growth
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 20 June 2013 at 09:49 PM

Today, ladies and gentlemen, I should present you the hidden part one of the most personal thing in my place. Yes, it`s my fridge. As you saw it`s door is my motivator. And this is the right side of it - I use it for monitor how my projects growth. Because I have 4 current projects simultaneously.

Well, as you see even my fridge have to work hard to my goals! For sure it do the duty as a good soldier and never ask me for additional support or make application to raise the salary. Good boy! As big as it possible it represents trustworthiness to all guarantee period as I hope! Sometimes I think about it`s ribbons, magnets etc as a merits for it smile

Oh, This is my admiration about the fridge as an exellent ideas support system (both mentally, spiritually and physically too because it`s not empty!). But be sure, I`d never be so crazy to talk with it!


This racurs shows how careful I should be opening the door because the text is near my hands. That`s why the letters about CyberWar Section 2 is partly erased.

IN addition to pics I would like to note how it`s important to make things done and be supported with good tools. Right tools should be customed to your personality the same way as a good suite. So my fridge is something to suite my ideas then smile





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