How to jump from old level to new one? -1 step
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 20 November 2013 at 12:23 PM

Dear friends, today we meet one of the most important problems on modern world. How to predict new step of development and how to jump to it? That process consists of 3 steps. First of all is to recognize features of the position you have.

Our world develops so fast so we need to predict nearest future before it comes to us. Sometimes it is easy because everything in the life looks unperfect. But when we gain a stable position is is not so easy to realize it will be not so perfect to gain desired future.

My example illustrated what is it.

IN my previous work everything was clear. I have Bamboo Cabinet for ink painting and thinking and Yoga Palace for big painting,  everything was arranged and good for creation and productivity. Just go and do it. It was ready every time I wanted. This is the example of good stable position for today; so good so it really works. It fits to design of my home being aesthetics.

But when I have a glance to nearest future I can see the nesessity to make more then a good product (painting in my case). I need to make films about everything: how my painting growth, what a psychological effect it can support, also to allow people to learn from me things really works for good by many years of coach experience so to use my ink drawings as illustrations. This is the future I want. This is the natural perspective which combines all of my skills from previous experience and allows me growth more.

This is the first step to your future: to realize what`s your background, your feeding idea, your core experience and how to develop it to the next step.
What is the problem doing it?
I see the one problem here: to realize tomorrow comes and brings changes anyway. When you realize it everything comes naturally.
Sometimes people try to broke today stability in order to create future. It is right in case today isn`t good. However in situation today is good quality and brings your energy you should just have a glance how to develop it to more. To growth it naturally and to allow it to blossom. To create possibilities to others people by things you gain now.
This is the first step so if you like the idea you can observe everything around and ask it what is the ready-for-growth potential.
Thank you for being with me!





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