How to Work in According with Nature
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 26 July 2013 at 02:59 PM

Hello everybody, the subject for today is how to work in according with nature. I guess it is important at any time because nature gives us joy and relaxation so it seems good to frame up to it doing things.

I arrived to Corfu with desire to have my happy rest. On the other hand I brought with me so long list things to do so it  frightened even me. I wanted to read several important books: "Black swan" by N.N.Taleb (I finished it 2 days ago); "Mikrotrends" by M.Penn (currently reading):

...also D.Kanneman "Thinking fast and slow" must be next… and I plan to check several things from Andrew Solomon`s "Far from the Tree", because I wish to do a project based on his book in case he answers me positive.

So I have too many things to read. Also I started a brand new project HollandPro, now generally planed. I love it! After CyberWar I-II and Adizes Project I have a wide choice what to do, because it`s about 5 new developed projects in my pocket so… I feel happy. I love it.

I love such possibilities to have a choice and to grow every idea in natural way, being sure to realize each of it. According with so perfect environment…

...visible just out of my balcony:

I make writing by hands and by laptop so it`s different activities made my mind refreshed.

...many things comes easily that way.

I enjoy every moment and feel myself so  lazy, so slow, so relaxant. I am really wondering how I am able to wok. But in fact books are read, projects are developed and drawings are good to keep myself joyful and train my left hand.

I`ve just want to organize my time to be on my Office Rock till 12 AM, not later, than go to my room and work here, after 4 PM go to the sea, may be to Office Rock, may be to swim to the smallest beach on the left of the Liapades Bay. So the day seems interrupted by several anothers activities instead being 5-6 hours in swimming or on the OfficeRock, I was told it`s unhealthy thing to do so try to change it.

Also I fall in love to have an everning project work or painting on the beach. It needs something to protect papers and notebook from wind…

...and from gests:

The most difficult thing I still unable to support here is yoga. I failed my practice from my first day here and failing it till now. Hopes I will do it… AVRIO as Greeks sayes, it means tomorrow.








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