I can`t stop my desire
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 31 July 2013 at 06:16 PM

I can`t stop to desire to be in presence of that waters, like a living emerald, precious liquid which never stops shining…

My Office Rock is my paradise. I can just starring to that water and be out of mind, then I started to feel a project in totality, with many details simultaneously. It needs just to change my mind-channel from presence-zero thoughts into another state. For example to make drawinds:

.. or to project work:

Sometimes I listen unwritten, uncomposed music and want to write just several notes so may be in future compose it at all:

...That`s my beloved place.

 That summer I am trying to live more healthy life. It means use sunscreen creams, stay at sun before 12 AM and after 4 PM and even go to bed ealier (i means before 3 AM). It`s annoy me a lot. But I realize it has sense so… I am trying to cut my desire and habit to be in sunlight for 5-6 hurs o my ock, and to dance in night with stars. It is not so easy. If I were not an ambidextous I couldn`t control myself, being in wide channel of colours, knowledge, music, movement… that`s why many artists becomes crazy and even make suicide. I don`t allow myself to indulg so much but also I don`t like to be in contol. What I can do so ?..

 Just try to get up ealier and run to the sea so be a little satisfy with hours together here, in rocks. This is so strange, but also so funny such a Buddhist way to be on the border, ambidextrousity against synaesthesia, half alive, half archivated so…

Here I am in my dreams. Strange feeling how that waters touches a dark sky with night stars, without a usual air space between. I can swim in the sea and swim in the sky. And then be back.





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