I want to play Indian flute bansuri
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 22 August 2010 at 11:25 PM

Yesterday I saw several series of the great Indian epos "Mahabharata" and suddenly realized that somewhere deeply inside I am still dreaming about a flute. My experience with block-fluite was terrible, it was from plastic and I can`t feel it. Indian flute bansuri is from bamboo and today I have met the master, who make it here in Moscow. One of his bansuri in the picture:

I have found him by his blog http://bambooway-ru.livejournal.com  and found his way of understanding music, musical instruments and Zen right. I have visited his school Zentaku in one of tea houses of Moscow today morning. So I desided to apply for bansuri to him. As he said it needs a time to feel what bamboo matherial will be the best for that kind of flute. I want my bansuri small and dark as at the picture. Hopes I will receive it soon and try to learn it. 

Actually I want to have small musical instrument to carry it with me in adventurres. It will be the great  enjoyment to play flute on the seashore, to feel how music and sea sounds interlaces and how it connectes with moon and trees and my mood too. Hopes our winter - so long, too much long for me! - would be shorted with bansuri. I will try it by intuition and play improvisations. Anyway I listen music inside so it will be great to play it in reaity.



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Roger Britt

The Moola Mantra is perhaps their finest album yet, gracefully weaving Deva’s transcendently pure voice, sitar, bansuri flute, dotar, tabla, piano, string quartet and ambient electronica into a richly layered tapestry of sacred chants that honor all traditions, religions, creeds and spiritual paths. Deva Premal sings with the voice of an angel, the heart of one who has known love and loss, and the soul of an enlightened Master.

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This lesson however assumes the flute’s tuned in C. It should perhaps mention how to deal with other tunings.For those who have a flute with 8 holes, it should be a Karnatic flute, 5 holes in pentatonic, check other lessons.

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