InkSketch: Between Joy and Duty
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 14 March 2013 at 01:45 AM

Everyone know how  important it is to be involve in joyful play. Everything comes easily that way, consciousness and subconsciousness works together and so unexpectable perfection could gains. But more interesting question is how to work with pleasure the same way, being serious and joyful one time.

Just to have a glance to a play. It comes irregularly, may be with gaps, and it stops when you feel boring or tired or for no reason. If you like to stop you are free to quit a game so feelings of freadom covers the situation itself. That was nature prepares young to increase skills when they have a time. Look to kittens or tiger kids - it will be the same. And everything seems under control of a playing person.

Looks how people playes being totally involved and you can see how their resourses increase all parameters to the game. Resourses comes from nothing and develop every person who have a courage to be involved in the game with all heart desire. That picture I drew why thinking about the differencies between free participation and strictions of a duty, just in one field of activity. (According natal astrology chart I have Mars in his best position in Water, Scorpio, that`s why here it is playful mood and also power to act. Although this is a passion and real swords and ability and will to be in battle, it is not so serious and have no external planing.)

Another picture about the same subject. I realized how it`s important to be informal when I pictured a bannle helmet laying aside.

Now let`s focuse on the differencies being on Duty. The same situation, somebody ready to battle, but everything changes. Clothes, hair, uniform and standard weapon, even a tidy breakfest in the hand - everything turnes playful mood into formal borders. It is obvious here it is a rule which governs every action. So this is not a game.

The question is how to make a kind of living union between our gorgeour resourses of subconsciousness and ligical needs to work in group with planing, also to obey orders and feel no loss power under it.

Such dilemma between two sides of life had never been resolved in total. But in dynamics, in movement it could be a kind of partnership between joy and duty, because in deep base level this is no contrarities in our world. The question is how to found it, then - how to gain, and then how to hold it, being vigilant to situation, being in consciousness, being perfect professional in any field.












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