InkSketch: Drunk Choson Official goes home
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 18 January 2013 at 08:12 PM

I love that feelings - empty big size paper (the more the best), chinese brushes with bamboo hand and chinese ink. As I have time fo it I enjoy how that things playes together and creates something… actually it is possible I don`t know what it will be!

It starts from just several stokes, then I realized what it could be. I prefer old Chinese style for figures and landscapes so it seems natural and make me happy enjoying both the process and the result. That time it was a Korean official, about Choson dinasty as you can see by thei clothes. The official looks relaxable so I guess he was going from a bar. A little bit drunk, of course! Young woman behind him looks respectful so it seems she is not a servant. But also nor a wife or his doughter (that ladies stayed at home anyway). But her face is scared and a little bit ashame so I deside she is his yangest doughter-in-law forced to accompany drunk father-in-law back home from a pab.

After all I was so excited with picture on the pape and pictures in my imagination so I coloured in  red the nose of the official but lazy to make photo of that stage. So this is the black-and-white result!


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