InkSketch: Move and Act
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 28 February 2013 at 06:45 PM

The border between class study and real life is natural. Sometimes pupil the best inside class fail to keep their position in real life. And vice versa.

This is not something so hard to perform but something we should understand how to and perform our best that way. What is the main thing made differencies between a classroom and the life field? This is targeting. In classrooms a teacher make aims and algorithms how to gain it. Of course such aims are simplified but it`s not the main difference. The main is the process itself: teacher is somebody else and as he/she made us the target it`s not our target but something a little bit artificial. That way we could lost something important such as connection between living achievement and it`s simple models.

Several times when I practiced archery I was told how important is to feel the hand, to make a bow like a part of your brain and then to catch the target by eyes. And then to feel an attraction from the target. Hands, bow and eyes are the one system then.

Such way a target comes into the mind and become own so this is the real life thing to gain. So we are dial with the skill of a classroom and skill needs to gain in reality. But it is not the last point, because in class we have a static situation, but in real life it is not so. IN reality everything changing, new things appears, old disappears, you could just to finish your strategy and then realize it`s not actual.

So we need a new skill - to be flexible enough to catch how situation changes and to be one step before it.

All equipment must be very good selected and fits to your hand, mind etc. Also you should keep in touch with a partner before the mission will start. So you gain mutual trust and understanding to hold your target independently in changing world. Not just to react but to predict it.

...and you will win that way!

Writing that notes I realized my bow stuck behind the door, forgotten, and I remember my intention to make a shooting-range here at home because I have no time to go to an archery club. But being under the pressure of another important tasks and plans I could just to notice it in hope to do it in right time. smile





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