It`s successfully finished! Thanks god!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 24 June 2011 at 01:26 PM

Well, yesterday semester has finishes, all students successfully presented the graduation works to the Cometee. All of mine has exellent results, I am glad. About 20 students of mine has finished the secon hight education. Most of them are interesting people with strong personality so I am sure we`ll keep in touch and make connections on Facebook. It`s great smile
Nevetherless I am deadly tired and a little bit catch a cold and want to sleep more then a week. But suddenly I realized myself awaked in early morning ready to act and both desired to sleep. It`s many things I want to do today, also many things I have to do so it seemes no time for sliping, well, so I am sitting and typing, dreaming about my pillow and planing new paintings, with temperature and headacke, with curiosity to several new neuroscience books, oh my god.

Please help! I struggled a lot throughout the semester and my sociology prof has been amazing, i want to give him a gift because i got an A in the class and this is also for the holidays.

I have since been told that as the elderly relative remained living in the farmhouse rent free then this is a Gift with Reservation and not a Deed of Gift as the elderly gentleman retained a benefit from the property by living in it.

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