I`ve passed Sustainable Development final exam and last quiz! :)
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 28 April 2014 at 12:06 PM

I`ve finished The Age of Sustainable Development course by Jeffrey Sachs en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeffrey_Sachs  . The chain of changes started when I met Jeffrey Sachs at Gaidar Forum 15 of January 2014, it was the first day of the Forum, Green energy section.  At 21 of January 2014 the course started.

I founded the course class.coursera.org/susdev-001  by a chance, having no ideas such course exists. Then I studied it for 14 weeks. 

14 weeks of new experience. I was exciting by the course, so well structured so it made the whole picture. Having my own academical experience, I daresay it is not easy to make the whole picture of so complicated, important subject. Deep involvement by the author, prof.  Sachs, was the best to linkthe knowledge to real processes of our life. So first of all I want to express my deep respect and gratitude to prof.Jeffrey Sachs about that course.

It was several moments when I moaned about quezes,  because such style of education cut my integral vision into small pieces, a painful process sometimes.

One day I`d realized it was helpful so I developed more tolerance to it.

I communicated with many people from the course which becomes my friends.

Several of them became my best friends who shared their experience participating our activities during the course: Natalia Viliaeva from Russia  www.facebook.com/natalya.vilyaeva  , Tony Toledo from Philippines www.facebook.com/tony.toledoRaven Moondancer from USA www.facebook.com/raven.moondancer  , Ilia Alomia from Equador www.facebook.com/ilia.alomiaAnita Venter from South Africa www.facebook.com/flowerfountain   .

I was inspired by my friends who did the education work being persistent and patiend and so with more success. An exellent students! The great lesson for me how to do things in order to make it done in particular way, strict and straight, with full attention, even being busy.

Being a witness how people work with full attention to educational process, I made new atempts to improve my own results.  I studied how to be accurate to small details more (much more) then I used to be before.

Learning Sustainable Development I developed new sustainability within.

Yesterday I passed the final exam. It was the same challenge as I had by quezes to cut my integral vision into pieces and be careful with all of it.

Now I have passed the last 14 quiz. Several new details from it compliment my plans so well so I want to start writing, mind mapping, sketching immideately.

Where is my pens, brushes, my tablet pc for mindmapping?


It was the deep feeling of involvement because many things from the course concerns my life purposes. Many of them represented in the plan I prepared during last 4 years.

I am carrying  the project seems world wide,  concerns many parts of Sustainable development goals in action, with social inclusive, knowledge community, integrated with business and culture life,  changing, challenging.

I observe last 4 month from January to the present moment as one of the most important period in my life. Just 4 month and things becames so clear in natural way, this is a kind of magic I can`t stop wondering.

Now I have to make some yoga trening to adjust myself into more sustainable mind set. A small pause is required.

Then I will start to write mindmaps, draft documents for the project and I hope to go ahead.





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