Jump over Gaps, Deal with Walls
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 29 June 2013 at 08:53 AM

Hello everybody, yesterday it was the Graduation of my students, first hight and second hight education managers, so it was a ceremony with speechs of all leaders of the institute I lecture. I used to be the Head of management department here for 4 years, and that year I drop it to spent more time with my [rojects, so formally I was just a lecturer. But this students is my people, I spent many times resolving their problems, trying to deal with them, invented new style and subjects to lecture them and I was the Head of Menegement club all 5 years, enjoying new subjects to discuss. (I think it will be good to post about our club later.)

they annoyed me, and joyed me sometimes, even I have several good friends from them. 5 years is a lot so I was at Graduation and made a talk. I wanted to encourage them and motivate. But how to do it if they accustomed me as a professional which everything do the best way, and so didn`t associate with me? So I decided to made speech in English. My speaking English is not the best, because 90% of time I am tying and think visually, so I usually make stupid Grammar mistakes etc. It was very helpful. I told them: see, my English isn`t the best and may be never be; I never pretend to be the best in it. But it never stops me from doing my tasks and gain my aims. I told them how it`s important to develope themselves and to jump over gaps could be on their roads. There is a lot of gaps on the roads. Some exists independently, some anothers create, some gaps exists because of our fear, etc. Gaps exists. And we have to found a way to overcome it.

To synchronize my yesterday speech today I read Dr.Adizes article about Walls, in allegory, and what to do with it. He wrote about several solutions, and the first is stop to bang your head to the wall and start to think about better way. He described that ways as stop to bang, try to get around, live whith the wall or get another place without a wall, so here it is 3 decisions.

From my own experience I could add a couple another decisions.

Another decision about the Wall could be to use the Wall, and as a solution to use somebody else, much more mighty, who could broke walls easily – to broke the wall or to take us over it.
It seems as the general solution to realize the Wall is positive, but ih implementation will be different.

Read full Dr`Adizes`s article here www.ichakadizes.com/the-wall-an-allegory/





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