Last day, last night
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 13 August 2013 at 11:47 PM

Last day was successful with several new ideas and also business possibilities. I kept everything in mind and now feel satisfaction so can make last glance to things being close a whole month. This is my balcony-bed.

This is the lemon I stole from a tree near the hotel because I was ill several days and need extra vitamins. I put tiny slices of the stole lemon into honey and the best cure was prepared! It was much more testy then honey or lemon separately so I recommend it to cure cold and fever as well.

This is the tree I drew for an hour with my left hand fingers affected by sea-urchin (I made it departured that morning the third time, so such a stubborn creature has no chance to attack my ex Office rock).

This is my private secret bay I shot my film about Corfu. It was funny when my bra suddenly broke so the film seems to be a little bit erotic.

Water with jade colours.

And with green colurs as well:

The view to our bay:

The secret road across the mountings:

... and unknown Greek cat:

And the road ahead. Always a road ahead.

That season is blessed by many insights and new possibilities revealed just from simple things. Our photosession with my friend Anila payes great attention and from my point of view has a lot of new possibilities mind-maped in my head.  I even started to plan new season with several new photosessions!

So I am finishing because my battery is law and I have many things to do before I have my fat chance to fall asleep at my balcomy, with a desire to see a shoot-star. I saw 4 last night and made my wishes so new working year will be bright!





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