Learning languages Scientific and Fast
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 28 May 2012 at 06:28 PM

I am learning English and Chinese at the great project www.memrise.com , how I like it! The great idea how to make learning process scientifically clear and effective and also fun and pleasant. I wasn`t be able to stop and choose 25 courses to study. Oh how it`s supernally! It really works using naturally brain rules and neuroscience so my subconsciousness feel itself free as if it enjoy freedom of sun, deep green sea and rocks. It proof the progress well; after 2 weeks of not exhousting leaning I know about 250 chinese characters or may be more. I like it. I enjoy it even if I couldn`t remember the characters clear, remembrance is the same pleasure as to recognise friends among crowd.

The most interesting thing I realized just 10 minutes ago: several words is so strong against my life gospels so my subconsciousness rejects it time by time. The words i can`t remember from my English Vocabulay course is: intrusive; lament; compel; outrage; atrocity. I can`t learn it till now although I checked it three times and want to continue the course. May be it needs a new look for such terms as for something I don`t allow, don`t accept, something as a sharp shadow edged life?.. Hopes as I checked it I could remember and pass the test! smile








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