Less of Armours
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 21 February 2013 at 02:15 PM

Since Wilhelm Reich  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_Reich psychologists know how internal and external problems form the muscles shield over the body and also internal protection too. Such armours keeps a person from stress and helps to handle pains but the more effective armours is the less lively human could be.

While a person support own armours he/she could be effective in the brunch chosen, but with time efficiency and potency comes down, reactions stabilizes in narrow diapason and then it will be a kind of rigid to the body and a kind of spiritual death to the soul. Because human have no task to be the effective robot, but to be more and growth possibilities into divine position of knowledge and power.

It means our shields and armours, so effective in the short run, becames our chains in the long run way. So we all need to recognize it existant and then to make a choice how to live. This is only two ways. One is to remain armours ans stop any changes, this is to weak people. But for strong ones, who still are ready to growth and self development, still want to expand their role to the world and still have their potentials this is the second way - to be brave enough to take armours away.

This is not an easy thing and of course needs perfect timing. If you take away your armors in wrong time it will be crash of plans, processes and sometimes even bones. If you take away armours without attention to the order it may be the case you will be totally naked in the main positions and armored in unimportant. So your reactions could be uncorrect. Also as armours still has it`s function it is important to make everything smartly and put armours with honour and respect to a special place. Why not? Who knows, may be it could be a situation required your force so all instruments must be prepared and near.

It`s an interesting question what should be the first and the last in such process. That picture pointed on the case the chief position of the head so the helmet is the last thing to be out.

What is the sign the process is well done and correct? Feeling of freedom without exciting but with a kind of deep joy, like lighting spreads around. So you could see the process is healthy, in right order and perfectly in time.

Healthy, happy and perfectly in time then!





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