Lowlands between two waves
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 13 March 2014 at 10:55 AM

That was busy for 2 months, mostly full of communication. Communication by words causes obstacles to keep in touch with creative silent part. Now I am back to art projects, having a small pause before the start.

Transition from one mind sate into another is the same as transition from one place into another, or from one job to another one. It needs to make a pause in mind to calm thoughts, to make conclusion what`s going on and how it concerns the life you want to live.

I made my pause.

To gain a special mind state I use the ancient process of prepare the Ink, from Chinese calligraphy traditions. Traditionally it needs to make about 50-100 turns of the ink stick on the ink stone, with water, to prepare the ink to work. I make less, just keep my feeling how the ink stick becomes into viscid black liquid.

Then I started.

it is one of the most effective technique to paint own state, current or preferent, it depends of your wish. Drawing, painting and similar things is the straight 2 sides road to our subconsciousness. That`s why people have different handwriting which can show some information about personality.

Usually I have no plan for such drawings, just an impulse of general idea. That`s why I am curious by myself what it will be.

That one can be a good source to analysis. It show a nesessity to make step back, have a pause and to meditate for a while, letting things go on.

Among different clothes from different parts of the world I feel Indian saree the best to relaxation. When 6 m of fabric winds around the body it makes psychological and physical limitations to body movements.

Athmosphere around is significant also. If you feel badly or sadness or weak, your hand will paint clouds and other dark formations around the figure. This is the way to realize what do you feel deeply inside and may be intensity of the stress. This is the one technique, self-exploration.

Another one I used that case was to make new state, more prefer, and link it to the current mood. That`s why I painted sun and clear sea waters around.

I am experienced in such transformations so made several texts to fix prefer mood and remind myself what it`s need.

A friend of mine told me about cooking on low fire, also about slow movements. It was the key  to describe what`s going on.

It seems, the time of fire-like actions has finished now. It needs new mind state, slow gentle movements, low fire actions and waiting.

If you use such techniques of programming or deprogramming, you should found somebody who can tell you in simple words something different from your current state. If you feel that words significant, it can be a modulator, a transition wave from current state to another one. Such brain function are common for every human being so it is ready to apply it to own life. May be once you will be lucky to archieve true words from existence around, which people occasionally drop. Such words can be your road signs. That`s the technique to work with, just try it.

And after all, here is my result:





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