Make it work!
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 16 August 2011 at 09:53 AM

Ok, I am in Moscow about a week and try to work. Attempts is a bit strange thing as you do it. At Corfu there was only 2-3 things to do so I felt as I did it at all.

But here the number of affairs increased for millions! Several paintings are waiting to be finished,  several books screems for reading and other things demands of my attention. As I count amount it changes because suddenly I realized more. I ask myself where is the end?.. No answer.

Nevertheless I feel myself lazy enough to sleep more and do only small things. Traditionally the weather is fault, not me, not me smile .

A good contemporary pic!

I also love to paint and read books.They are some of the many hobbies I want to do.I really like the way how you mixed the colors. They are very impressive.

Oh, hard to try to work from Moscow because it’s so cold there..

And I was just wodnering about that too!

Very good blog post. The visual content displayed here is of pretty high quality. I’ll make use of this site much more frequently pertaining

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