Manifestation of a Possible
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 20 December 2011 at 02:49 PM

Have you ever seen how a possible manifestates itself? It could be an idea or an image barely understandable through your dream. Sometimes our mind tries to tell us something important but we could only once touch it, not catch at all. Several strokes here, a peace of true there…

Such state of our mind is our deep possibility to bring ideas into flash, in our real life. In business or teaching, in common life or in art the way is the same. Step by step we provide a path and make an efforts to realize it. Sometimes we could see more, but in the first steps the idea often seemes strange. It seemes lost of charm, losting it`s misterial veils, but more real. It`s not a pleasant moment because just that time we could understant how many gapes it have and how great job we need to do to complete it. Be careful - this is normal for this step.

Next step we could make a sigh because ou idea becames more exact and more definite. We can feel the life beating inside so it`s a moment of courage.

That time we should be more careful and silent. Some plans shouldn`t be reveal, some ideas shouldn`t be claimed until it will be complet. At that step we ought to drop anxiety and hastiness. Being careful we should to make fine finishing and then make a step back. Let the Idea to take a breath alone. Let it yourself.

After it you could realize the Idea a little bit unfinished. It may be a small thing, one peace of a puzzle, one stroke in a business principle scheme, one detail in a portret. As you feel it - do it. Do it without fear.

You could finish the process that time. But try to finish it in your soul too. We need a time to soak in things we did. Make a step back again and try to feel the result not as the Author. Try to be an Observer, try to be a Witness on something manifestated itself in you presence. Catch a whole picture of your workplace, your battle field, space of your  attempts. Make a sigh, breath  in silence.  It  starts to work that time, to wirk together with you.

So… Well, your are free now. Make your signature and be free: your idea is alive now, and you inherited both internal and external benefits.


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