Many things to do, many beauty around
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 20 July 2014 at 01:09 AM

Hello everybody, this is nice days here at Corfu, I have my plan what to shoot for the raw matherials for Climat change project and do it in time.

The whole list consists of 27 positions at present time.  Everything needs several approachs and just one week to make all tryes of different tools like GoPro garniture I want to use for full HD camera. I have some doubts about but it needs to be tryed and proved then I will make opinion about.

So… I have the list, the growing one.

OMG, how luxury this picture looks like! In fact I am sitting on the sharp surface of my stone in the sea, in about 500 m from the seashore, having a big plan what to do, mesmerising by incredible beauty of the sea. During today filming I burned my skin on the back and another place I don`t point now, because it was several hours in completely uncomfortable position. I  was quiet as a stone, trying to shoot several different frames, in different styles.

I tryed GoPro garniture and founded it useful. About an hour I climbed on the rock trying to shoot some special frames. Two seamens in boats came to ask if I am a Damsel in Distress then saw the camera on  my forehead and had fun with that idea.

After the most part of the day in body position very close to yoga but on sharp stones I was ganted with several seagulls and one big cab who came to my camera. And with 32 Gigabites of film about clean sea. Now I am too much tired to tell more, some funny cases caused, some unexpectable beauty revealed, but now I want to copy all mico SD to the hard drive and charge all batteries for tomorrow.

Yawn, yawn, hrrr!







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