My work place, Corfu
Author: ANNAmain • Date: 23 October 2010 at 11:35 PM

Today it was a strange mix of hard work (6 hours of lectures and no time to break), heavy clouds and as the end of the hard weeka piece of fire red sky I saw before the sunrise. It was amazing light, a breath of fresh nature and suddenly I remember how I worked at Corfu that summer.

It was something special. Being in full relaxation I painted by both hands. The sketch by brush and black ink  I did at Paleokastritza and made it colored at the hotel.

I feel a kind of deep relaxation as I worked by left hand. I suspect the left is my principal hand but I was changed to the right in early childhood. So the right is more experianced and I can work more quickly.  Working by the left I feel a relaxation and deep existence of the process and feel it more deeply. So the possibility to work by both hands for me is the kind of freedom.

...Several times I did the same here, at Moscow. But every time this is the pressure of time and in spite of  tension the right hand is better.  I miss my left hand writing and painting, may be it will be next week?..





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